Do yourself a favor: The Adventure Zone

I am busy all the time, or sick. Well both. But this blog will be reborn, soon with way more content.
For now, I started a new series called Do yourself a favor, for recommending things I am greatly enjoying, but without a full on research and review type of essay post.

The first thing I want to make sure you have heard of is The Adventure Zone.
An easy way to get into the podcast is to start now, as they have just started a new game called Ethersea.
Three brothers and their father play tabletop roleplaying games.
But they are more than games. They become collective imaginative stories.
A lot of bad times in my life have been helped by listening to this show.
They have other beloved shows as well. Just go through the links if interested.

The Adventure Zone
McElroy Family Website
McElroy Merch Squad


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