A sign for Jackie

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I fucking love you Jackie! A sign for a friend.

My best friend Jackie is awesome. Like me, she has some darker moods, so I want to remind her, that she is loved. And so fucking much! She loves cussing. You heard it from me, her best friend. Her first sign got misplaced, so she wanted a new one. I just realised I can send this to her via a postcard printing service on the Finnish post’s website, so it should be ok during pandemic. At least I won’t have to go out to mail it.

Jackie has adopted me as a sister, and has a whole relationship with my Finnish family and my Scottish boyfriend. I feel like people undervalue the meaning of online relationships. Not everyone can just pop over in person to see people, when they want to. I am agoraphobic, or rather socially anxious and depressive. Jackie lives in a nursing home, hooked to a tracheostomy tube.

So we found each other online. And we know more about each other than most married couples. We talk daily on Skype. We type. We laugh. I sing to her my silly songs. And we connect in a way that has to be magical. Because loving Jackie means a whole magical level of love.


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