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Glass in extreme close up photograph by Slightly Howling

More poems collected from my Blue Sky account.

Gnome sits, plays a harp
at Pond of The Golden Carp.
Across the water
Ethereal lady beckons:
“Come join my travels, young man!”

27th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

I think we all just
wait around for better things.
Catching a rainbow.
I wish I could bring shelter
to everyone, and at once.

27th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Take a peek: treasure!
One numbers can not measure,
words barely describe.
Protect it with care, like flame.
A feeling we must not name.

29th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Moon is risen, now.
Light focuses on it’s face.
Clouds stand guard by it,
float, showing as they are lit.
Colors in darkness they chase.

30th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Travel North, my friend.
Aurora Borealis,
the beauty of life;
Lights fill the sky with colors.
Hard to describe unique sight.

2nd December, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Hermit or just shy?
Neither, I must, quickly cry!
Just a little lost.
Feeling deepest coldest frost
packed up in my heart of hearts.

2nd December, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Catching snowflakes with
my siblings, building snow forts
with dad helping us.
Temperature colder than seen
for many years, we had fun.

3rd December, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Standing in corners,
breathing calmly, unwinding.
Clearing my mind, slow.
Physical meditation
Labyrinths are not riddles.

6th December, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Grateful having heard
Sparrow, modest looking bird.
I stand on gravel
and I watch her with her kind.
Simple pleasure nice to find.

6th December, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Eat your porridge, do.
Find proper vegetables, too.
Then do, what you want.
Life is complicated, but
guilt trips get you in a rut.

11th December, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Badger bites are rough,
leave them be, you are not tough!
I tried to chase one.
until I landed in #pirl.
What a way to end a whirl.

11th December, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt) (LandmarksVSS)

Slightly Howling

I am an aunt, daughter, sister, friend. 40-something writer from Finland. I love art, crafts, reading, writing, dancing to anything and everything. Trans ally, pan, she/her

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