Poetry – Quality Varies

Poinsettia close up photograph by Slightly Howling

More poems collected from my Blue Sky account. The quality varies. I tried to say that in a nice way.

Plunge into water
Clear as it mirrors the sky.
Smell the forest near.
Listen to a woodpecker.
Purge your worries in sauna.

(I am reminding myself of lovely childhood memories. Need them right now).

18th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Smoog they call it,
when kids pile and chop
pieces of wood,
I just learned.

I lived in a town
with quite some mix
of nature and ugly
blocks of flats.

We had a stump
and we dug it with rocks
and sticks and maybe
someone had a blade.

I remember the smell,
I bet Smoog has it, too.
Tree membrane.

18th November, 2023 (LandmarksVSS)

Season’s change, again.
Years just mimic each other.
Trees know their duty.
Drop the leaves roughly on time.
But every turn, somehow new.

19th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Mysterious sight,
a raven gives quite a fright
if seen suddenly.
Sleek black feathers, piercing eyes,
Certainly a worthy muse.

19th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

In the morning frost
I see my heart’s shadow.
It hurts to think of,
but it also feels quite real.
I so stubbornly exist!

20th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Gray and violet sky,
cool and demanding weather.
I carry my things.
The effort of holding on
keenly felt all through the day.

20th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

A couple of chairs,
cozy couch with some pillows,
fireplace blazing.
I would like our love that way,
warmth in the center of it.

21st November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

A hawk flies past us,
the sky one endless blue haze.
My mind is open.
The wind feels like it knows things.
Everything is heavy, real.

23rd November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Treat yourself today,
have another rest, okay?
We do enough, dear.
All the troubles on shoulders,
they can be picked up, later.

23rd November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Treat yourself today,
have another rest, okay?
We do enough, dear.
All the troubles on shoulders,
they can be picked up, later.

24th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Sweet and sour cakes,
strong Finnish salmiakki:
salty liquorice!
I sure want the strangest things.
Sit down, have a sip of tea.

24th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Clear day at the fair,
people running by laughing.
Cotton candy stand,
full of sticky flimsy fun.
Screams from the rollercoaster.

24th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Perk up, Buttercup.
The guests are on their way up.
Smile and try to please.
Put other people at ease.
Be funny, witty grown up.

25th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

First snow feels magic
every year, even worst times.
Something new, hopeful.
You get used to it, maybe.
But it can still give you peace

25th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Kids like to squashle,
grown ups are less keen on it.
Dogs will dive in deep,
if they can, not just a dip.
very tight at home all sleep.

25th November, 2023 (LandmarksVSS)
#squashle – to squelch, make a splashing noise (Kent)

Slightly Howling

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