Poetry – Howling at The Void 1

Close up of a rose by Slightly Howling

Here are the poems from social media, which I had on the old incarnation of this blog.
They were made for some prompts, which shows in some word choices. (You can find
poetry prompts on social medias by using the search. Try “#poetryprompt” for example).
Some of these are haikus. Haiku has either {5, 7, 5} and Tanka {5, 7, 5, 7, 7} syllables.
I use the longer version.

If you take flowers
in the light Midsummer Night
for summer magic,
put them under your pillow.
I hope you see your power.

If ever I fall
down in the dumps, bitter, sad,
my best friend shows up
and says the right things to me
just *is* the right thing for me.

(This was written for Jackie).

Life interrupted
ambition slashed to pieces,
Had I ever been
experiencing the highs
I had been imagining?

We slip off our rides.
Comet number thirteen flies
over us as we
pause to take in the sheer scale
of the expanding wastelands.

I have been trying
Not to give you too much thought.
But here I sit, still,
Writing, and then rewriting
things you never heard me say

Thunder sounds muffled,
Like metal sheets being thrown,
my windows humming.
A few drops hit the sill.
Louder, harsher. More urgent.

Safety is on now.
A torus of protection
surrounds us all night.
I lean on my poleaxe.
Hard to let go of defence.

Lily feels almost
as if the night will protect
and justify all
actions and thoughts hidden in
it’s presence, even her own.

When you yell at me
and keep at it long enough,
I snap, the scapegoat
And I become unhappy
While you feel release, mood lifts.

Things I hold most dear:
Kids with silly ideas,
parents still in love.
Auntie role shared with sister.
Friends and family mixing.

Where does your mind go,
sitting by the deep water?
trapped thoughts of a jailbird,
sinking quickly like your heart.

Old oak leaning against rock
bark graying in the glow of day.

(This is a story in 12 words).

Slightly Howling

I am an aunt, daughter, sister, friend. 40-something writer from Finland. I love art, crafts, reading, writing, dancing to anything and everything. Trans ally, pan, she/her

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