Poetry – Howling at The Void 2

Branches and green leaves above by Slightly Howling

Here are some more recent poems from my social medias. I am moving on from one of my accounts, so it is a good time to catch anything I might like to save. Such a long collection of poems will be an exception, right now it is part of the changes I am making.

I can see my writing developing. Hope you enjoy these.

Like with post 1, these poems are based on prompt words. Most of these are Tanka and I use the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable pattern. Warning, many of these were written for a horror theme, so read with some care.

Goblins and their ilk
are stealing way too much milk
from good honest folk!
– What do you mean? We honest!
Share your cow milk human fool!

26th January, 2023

Escaping captors,
Scrambling through the town,
she tore the #leaflet
off every wall, every board.
Her likeness spread to the world.

9th June, 2023

No tell motel of
rundown downtown nowhere hell.
I’m falling apart
same speed as the surroundings.
My cocoon, or maybe shell.

17th June, 2023

Something so scary.
Something quite #temporary.
A phantom feeling.
Ethereal. Unappealing.
A nightmare hound, just staring

24th June, 2023

I would rather sleep
than just lay here six feet deep.
I might need a spade.
Will you come in to my aid?
If I loudly cry and wail?

30th June, 2023

Come here, take a look:
Pseudoscientific book!
Dusty volume, stuck,
behind the counter, what luck!
Illustrated, too. By.. you?!

I’m sorry, I am!
And truly, such a big fan.
Didn’t see you there.
I heard of you, so I’m here.
Don’t lock me in! Please, swear.

3rd July, 2023

We had to be just
going around a #circle,
one nobody drew.
Carved into the ground by us
as we looked for a way out.

18th July, 2023

Literary work,
Adapted painful secrets;
Too much truth in them.
A dangerous game, indeed.
Creeping to a tragic close.

21st July, 2023

He had to draft it,
The warning letter, slowly.
Things kept getting lost.
As if the house protected
it’s secrets with enchantments.

21st July, 2023

Ghosts and ghouls: Vanish!
You I am here to banish.
Your evil deeds done.
I give no mercy. Just none.
Heed my words, foul fiend be gone!

12th August, 2023

Funeral lament,
a dirge, a cry, threnody.
Behold: tragedy!
Another pompous nothing.
The noise hides quiet scraping.

14th August, 2023

Along murky tides
Alligator slowly slides
going for a dip.
In the mist it neatly hides
Like a deadly old ghost ship.

15th August, 2023

Subdermal larvae,
words enough to make you scream
Like in a bad dream.
Itching, scratching, scathing thoughts.
Burning need to wake up, now!

15th August, 2023

Dark tendrils of smoke
rising from the distant shore.
Drums announcing war.
Not a scarier message
than the menace they thus spoke.

16th August, 2023

“High value target”
a timid man on tv
called the outcome now.
People in protective gear
were not shown, digging deeper.

18th August, 2023

They can never find
The most important treasures.
Unrecognisable ones.
Satisfied grunt, spade hits wood.
But this all is just for show.

18th August, 2023

You must not create
a negative work ethic.
As you just berate
Some of us as pathetic.
While other ghosts seethe jealous.

20th August, 2023

The click before strike,
So loud in the dark Midnight.
Heart jumping, breath caught.
Counting with the old cuckoo.
The stillness returns, painful.

26th August, 2023

Heart racing, urgent,
dangerous shadows chasing,
lonely soul casing;
as ghosts and demons see us.
Hold onto your precious core.

26th August, 2023

Scratched knee, like chipped paint.
Running on rough ground until
Legs give up on me.
Looking back the view pulses.
Like evil might breath me down.

28th August, 2023

Once buried alive,
her ghost has a lot to do.
They thought this was it,
but shall feel differently.
Any moment now, they’ll know.

29th August, 2023

Cooking up the brine
for a fancy man of mine.
All that he deserves
added to these fine preserves.
Keep him for his looks devine.

31st August, 2023

Sewing needle prick,
Little hair spinning to yarn.
Just a naughty trick.
Blood drop makes the magic work.
Knots give it the directions.

1st September, 2023

The forge of nightmares
with black stone and fire lit;
— sparks flying from it
stands at the edge of nothing.
Subconscious shared memory.

2nd September, 2023

She leans cracked elbows
against a mossy stone fence.
The madness came back.
She understands why she’s here.
But it’s just a storage place.

5th September, 2023

On the bridge of sighs
a body quietly lies.
Fountain of blood gone.
Everything now is so still.
By a murderous cruel will.

7th September, 2023

Down the Throat of a
broken machine, piece by piece
Feeding it with grit.
Down and down to the stomach.
Soot and heat, a coughing pit.

7th September, 2023

Golden bells ringing,
such tintinnabulation.
North wind is bringing
warnings of tribulation.
Beware, prepare your nation.

9th September, 2023

The moonless, skyless
underground lair full of stars,
no; eyes! Everywhere!
Blinking as I work and rest.
As I try dig my way out.

10th September, 2023

Moonless dark night sky.
Sparks like electrocution
in an old movie
fly to the air with menace.
Angering demonic roar.

11th September, 2023

Sleepless nights, restless
Staring at the walls, alone.
Counting seconds, days.
Slivers of light and shadow
create tired ghost stories.

12th September, 2023

Hearing things at night.
Echoes of a distant moan,
Fox screams, a cat fight.
Sharp, cruel imagination.
Jagged edge of severed bone?

13th September, 2023

Connection, touch.
Look in the eyes.

16th September, 2023

In his very prime
Found a xanthous golden eye
Lost in coat of rime,
And of course he would just try
To see what he could thus spy.

20th September, 2023

Trying to find it,
navigate out of these halls,
calm down your breathing.
Refusing to think too much.
Walls repeating means nothing.

21st September, 2023

Howling wolves sound lost,
in the same mist we travel.
Eerie shades and wind
make the night lonelier.
Alone even in a pack.

21st September, 2023

Dark blood oasis,
heinous fiend

23rd September, 2023

Staggering in sand,
hungry like a heinous fiend,
he desperately coughs.
Looking for an oasis,
a place away from sorrow.

23rd September, 2023

Suddenly, she went
from a fragile confused ghoul
to a strong woman.
Screaming her banshee heart out,
her anger raging freely.

19th October, 2023

Slightly Howling

I am an aunt, daughter, sister, friend. 40-something writer from Finland. I love art, crafts, reading, writing, dancing to anything and everything. Trans ally, pan, she/her

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