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Tangled trees by Slightly Howling

More poetry, from last month or so. These are from my Blue Sky account.
Prompts, again, but not as many horror themed ones as I had on the old app.
You can try the prompts, too, it is a fun way to make haikus. Again, I use the
5-7-5-7-7 syllables Tanka method.

Autumn symphony:
Before it’s too cold for me,
I listen, quiet.
Watching nature, smelling air.
The dog has leaves on her fur.

16th October, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Greatest Endeavor,
countless days of work and stress
comes to sudden halt.
Chest hurts for days afterwards.
Hard to take full breaths, or cry.

17th October, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

What makes brooks bubble?
Is it a sign of trouble?
Do dragons lie there?
In the bottom blowing air?
Find a bridge, my trip double.

17th October, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

I wasn’t looking.
The punch came before I knew
I bumped into him.
The anger in his face, dull.
Not softening seeing blood.

18th October, 2023 (#vsspoem)

Plenty of problems,
and now the last very straw;
Impossible weather.
The house creeks like an old boat.
I am trying to rest here.

20th October, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

I do this with ease,
audience, applaud me please!
I’m smiling, you see?
This sure is my best trick, yet.
I’m confident, yes, you bet.

23rd October, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

A November haze
lays on top of our garden.
I’m dreaming of us.
Having a routine with you.
Feeling needed by someone.

4th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Celestial armor;
cold, unfaltering belief.
Needless to say, sharp.
Piercing look through any guard.
I only wanted silence.

5th November, 2023 (Complete The Haiga) (image)

More yellowing leaves,
wet heavy branches of them,
held by tired trees.
Water shining rocks and stumps.
Slippery under your boots.

6th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Between the two trees
twisted branches form an arch,
while still connected.
Light gets filtered by the leaves.
A circle of rocks awaits.

6th November, 2023 (Whistpr Daily Prompt)

Where the dark trees grow
there sits an old dapper crow.
Speaking to the mists
his whole sleek black body twists
as he describes his nightmares.

6th November, 2023 (Daily Haiku Prompt)

Slightly Howling

I am an aunt, daughter, sister, friend. 40-something writer from Finland. I love art, crafts, reading, writing, dancing to anything and everything. Trans ally, pan, she/her

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